Video: David Brent is back in the first Life On The Road trailer

Revisit Ricky Gervais’ five funniest moments and see where David Brent is heading next.

The wait is finally over – David Brent is back and he’s even more excruciating than ever.

Ricky Gervais has unveiled the first trailer for The Office’s off-shoot movie Life On The Road. This might just be a short teaser but it’s a masterclass in cringe comedy from the brains behind Brent, Extras, Life’s Too Short and Derek.

Life On The Road will pick up with Brent post-Wernham Hogg as he’s working as a sales rep for cleaning and ladies’ personal hygiene products.

His dream of becoming a rock star refuses to die – he’s still touring the UK with rock band Foregone Conclusion in tow.

Life On The Road isn’t arriving in UK cinemas until August 19, but in the meantime keep yourself busy by revisiting five of David Brent’s best moments.



Training Day

A morale building training day goes south thanks to Brent’s meddling and an ill-advised “there’s been a rape up there” role play. No matter, everything turned out fine when Gareth went to get the guitar.


The Interview

The Office boasted several horrific interview scenes between Brent and his beleaguered staff. Worst of all was the charm offensive he attempted on Dawn’s replacement, Karen. “You’ve charmed me, you’ve got the job!”


The Pub Quiz

This entire episode – from Finchy and Brent’s bickering to quizmaster Gareth’s Vulcan blunder – is solid gold comedy. Every office argument should end with someone throwing a shoe over a pub.


The Dance

“I sort of fused Flashdance with MC Hammer shit.” Brent’s attempt to outshine his new boss Neil ended in one of the most iconic dances ever captured on camera. How could this not make the cut?


Meeting Michael Scott

Forget your Marvel and DC Universes, a truly great crossover saw Office worlds collide when Gervais’ Brent met Michael Scott. Racially dubious accents and comedic philosophies were exchanged. And yes, someone did say “that’s what she said”.

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