Could David Bowie Make A Final Appearance In Twin Peaks: The Return?

The rumours regarding Bowies return to the series could be true...

twin peaks david bowie
David Bowie as Agent Jeffries in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Image CBS

Could David Bowie make a surprise appearance in the Twin Peaks revival?

The late legend famously played FBI agent Phillip Jeffries in 1992’s Twin Peaks prequel Fire Walk With Me.

His appearance would support the hint dropped by actor Harry Goaz who plays Deputy Andy Brennan on Twin Peaks.

He spoke to Dallas Morning News in May of last year about David Bowie’s almost return to the set of the show.

He was scheduled to film one day with the cast, but apparently, it never happened as he cancelled and then sadly passed away during production. 

twin peaks
Agent Cooper and Jeffries in "Fire Walk With Me."

Still, it’s always possible that Lynch might have initiated a major cover up with this one, filming on Twin Peaks took place between September 2015 and wrapped April 2016. Bowie died January 2016. It’s possible they could have made it happen.

A little back story is necessary here;

Bowie’s character was an odd one, having shocked agents Cole and Cooper by mysteriously showing up in their Philadelphia offices in 1989 after going missing in Argentina in 1987.

In classic Twin Peaks style, he appeared before them ranting about something indistinguishable, wearing the same clothes he disappeared in. He then reemerges in Buenos Aires in 1987 sometime later, obviously through a portal.

He’s an important facet of the Twin Peaks narrative due to his closeness with David Lynch’s Gordon Cole character, they both went through Quantico together and stayed friends before Jeffries went missing.

Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME
Kyle MacLachlan in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

Despite the notion that Bowie’s brief appearance was merely a cameo and he probably wouldn’t show up again, Jeffries has been mentioned continuously in the recent revival, Twin Peaks: The Return.

He’s been referenced multiple times by Cooper or his doppelganger; we’re not sure, but are you ever with Twin Peaks?

Mashable writer Josh Dickey explores this theory further using a scene in the fourth episode of the new series, where Gordon Cole seeks out the real Agent Cooper who he seems to find in the fictional town of Buckhorn, their conversation reveals a shocking revelation.

“Where have you been all these years?” Cole asks.

“I’ve been working undercover all these years,” Cooper replies. “Working primarily with our colleague Phillip Jeffries.”


A Bowie appearance would be an epic end to this extraordinary show; there’s not doubt about that. But like, Dickey says “Maybe this is harmless wishful thinking.”

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