David Blaine Regurgitates A Live Frog In Incredible Magic Trick

Watch him perform his shocking Human Aquarium sent on Jimmy Fallon.

David Blaine
David Blaine That poor frog... Image NBC

David Blaine’s done some pretty crazy stuff in his time – from freezing himself in a block of ice, to living in a glass box without food for 44 days – but his latest trick is one of his most extreme yet.

The magician was appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon over the weekend, when he shocked everyone by regurgitating a live frog.

David was performing a pretty routine card trick for Fallon and The Roots, when he spoke about an act he was working on which was inspired by ‘The Human Aquarium’.

Watch David Blaine perform the stunt below:

“100 years ago there was a guy that converted his stomach into an aquarium where he could store live creatures, and then he could bring them up at will,” he said.

Suddenly, the magician shocked everyone by regurgitating a live frog and presenting host Fallon with it.

The most shocking this was, he swallowed it back down again. “I’m gonna put him back where he came from,” he said.

That poor frog…

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