The Average Singleton Now Dates Six People At A Time

Online dating has made us more afraid of commitment than ever before.

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Online dating has completely transformed the way people get together in 2016, and it’s had a dramatic effect on the number of suitors people date at any given time too.

With thousands of potential matches just a swipe away, people are looking to keep their options open now more than ever.

According to a new study conducted by eHarmony Australia, the average person now dates – or ‘sees’ – six people at a time.

It’s seemingly now normal for men and women to date multiple people at the same time, and put off committing to one partner for longer.

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Unless you’re dating every night of the week, it’s also fair to assume that the length of time in-between dates of each potential partner is also being spread out.

The study also claims that the slightly depressing trend of ‘ghosting’ has also seen a rise in recent years.

A reported 65% of single people have reportedly suffered ghosting, in which one party cowardly gets out of dating the other by failing to reply to messages and disappearing into thin air.

In that case, there’s every chance you’re reading this and thinking of ghosting one of your six dates soon.

So if you are, you know, don’t. 

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