Database Of 711 Million Emails Receiving Spam And Malware Uncovered

Is your email address among them?

Typing a password on a computer.
Be careful Someone may already know your password.

A list containing some 711 million email addresses that are regularly being sent spam and banking malware has been uncovered online.

A Netherlands-based spambot called Onliner is behind the sophisticated and large-scale operation, which utilises email addresses and passwords to assess whether people are ripe for malware attack.

It’s also extremely likely that your email address features on the list of those susceptible to these kinds of attacks. Anyone worried about it can actually find out for definite by visitng the website

Though the emails on the list are likely to be primarily attacked by spam, malware threats like fake invoices for your bank or services from the likes of Apple have also been known to pop up.

Troy Hunt, one of the guys behind HaveIBeenPwned, reckons it ranks among the largest list of data he has ever seen. His advice is to change passwords and maybe even email addresses in the event of a possible breach.

Uh-oh Image pixabay

Authorities are currently working in Netherlands to shut the whole thing down. At the very least, be careful opening emails and providing any sensitive data – you never know whose hands it may fall into.

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