Danny Ings suffers Facebook fail ahead of Europa League final

The former Burnley man has been sidelined through injury but that is no excuse for this

Ings for a day Danny doesn't have to worry about being recognised Image Getty

It seems like, in all the furore that has greeted Jurgen Klopp’s arrival and Liverpool’s mad march to the final of the Europa League, we have forgotten about poor old Danny Ings.

Because Ings matters folks – until his season-ending injury, the 22-year-old had looked on course to enjoy a fine debut season with the Reds having scored two goals in six Premier League outings for Liverpool.

An anterior cruciate ligament injury put paid to that and meant Ings had a Michael Ricketts chance in hell of earning a place in Woy Hodgson’s England squad for Eur-wo 2016.

In his absence, ever-younger upstarts have usurped him with Marcus Rashford – a Manchester United teenager too young to even remember what Grange Hill was – now in the Three Lions frame.

Worse still, fans are starting to forget who Ings even is, with a couple of female football enthusiasts taking to Facebook to showcase the fact they had a picture taken with Ings.


The only slight drawback being that the pair does not seem to have a Scooby Doo who the Liverpool man is.

This is Danny Ings folks! The guy who scored 11 Premier League goals for plucky Burnley! The man who cost Liverpool £8 million! The bloke who…um….who…scored against Norwich?

The good news, at least, is that Ings is well on his way to making a full return, having come on as a substitute during Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion.

Those young ladies could rue the day they ever called him a famous footballer. 

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