Danny Dyer becomes a drag queen in Lucy Rose’s Nebraska music video

The EastEnders hardman is a sensitive soul, really – as this promo proves.

Danny Dyer might be British TV’s biggest hardman, but he’s undergone a dramatic reinvention for his latest acting role.

Dyer shows off a little-seen emotional side in the music video for singer-songwriter Lucy Rose’s latest single Nebraska which, annoyingly, isn’t a cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic.

The moving ballad from Rose shows a tearful Dyer making his way through a bustling London to his unlikely job moonlighting as a drag queen.

This is a 180-degree u-turn away from Dyer’s usual punch first, ask questions later parts in Albert Square and violent Brit flicks Vendetta and Assassin.

“I was honoured to be asked by the maestro that is Lucy Rose to be part of her video,” Dyer said.

“When I got the treatment through I was overwhelmed. I think it’s such a moving piece of work. I’m beyond proud to be part of it, I’ve always believed that people should be who they wanna be, regardless of race or gender.

Danny Dyer drag queen Lucy Rose Nebraska music video
Is that you Danny? Mr Dyer gets a makeover for Lucy Rose's emotional new music video. Image Picture Twitter/@MrDDyer

“Freedom of expression is so important ­– I really hope that this video gets the recognition it deserves.”

And yet, this new music video shouldn’t be that surprising if you know anything about Dyer’s early days as an up-and-coming actor. He performed in two Harold Pinter plays in London and Broadway, and has actually been part of an Oscar-winning film.

Andrea Arnold’s short Wasp, about a single mother drawn to her ex-boyfriend, bagged an Academy Award in 2005. Dyer played the ex opposite The Jury star Natalie Press.

Dyer will soon be tying the knot with his long-term partner Joanne Mas, but admitted he’s being “a typical man” about the big day.

“I have left it to the missus. At this stage, I am just a guest. I don’t even know the postcode.”

The couple have three children together, and their eldest daughter – Dani Dyer – is following in dad’s footsteps by moving into acting.

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