Daniella Pineda: 5 Things To Know About The Jurassic World 2 Star

Details on the follow-up to Colin Trevorrow’s reboot remain scarce but one star has been confirmed.

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Daniella Pineda has joined the cast of Universal’s Jurassic World sequel and while that may not mean a whole lot to the average film-goer, it’s actually pretty big news.

A rising star in the world of comedy, Pineda is the latest notable name to join the cast, following on from the addition of The Get Down’s Justice Smith.

With Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt returning for the follow-up, which will be directed by J.A. Bayona, hopes are high that the film can continue the franchise’s noticeable return to form.

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The addition of Pineda to the cast is certainly one reason to be optimistic – here are five things you need to know about the 29-year-old.



Having graduated from Mills College with a degree in radio journalism and sociology, Pineda set her sights on Hollywood. Notable TV appearances aside (more on those later) arguably her most memorable creation in those early years was the character of DW Diaz.

A send-up of the kind of YouTube hipsters that are increasingly commonplace online, her video in which she explains, in character, her idea of a Native American-inspired clothing line, is spot on. She’s done even more videos since


TV Work

Away from her more comedic roles, arguably Pineda’s most notable role to date has come on The CW – the go-to network for teeny boppers in the US. Playing the part of Sophie Deveraux, she first made an impact on The Vampire Diaries as a rather attractive witch.

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It proved so popular she was then enlisted for the backdoor pilot/spin-off The Originals, which saw her reprise her role for one series before – spoiler alert – she was killed off.


And in pretty gruesome style too.



When she’s not busy with film, TV or vLogging, Pineda also found time to work as host for Look TV – a now defunct YouTube channel dedicated to the world of fashion.

The video above, for example, gives Pineda an opportunity to not only showcase her style but also her wicked sense of humour.



Pineda has made no secret of her desire to experiment more in the world of horror and even put together a Kickstarter fund to get a self-written movie project, Cocaine Sleepover, off the ground.

She failed to hit her target, despite a bloody brilliant promo video, but the arrival of Jurassic World 2 could change all of that.



One look at Pineda’s Instagram account tells you that she’s into the kind of stuff that could well make her popular with loaded’s readership.

#thelastnoël Violently defeating @theandrehyland ????????

A photo posted by Daniella Pineda (@therealmiddlefinger) on

For starters, there’s the fact she openly admits enjoying nothing more than absolutely smashing guys at table football – a game of champions.

Then there are her pretty bang-on music tastes, which include classic-era Kraftwerk.

Fingers crossed she doesn’t end up getting devoured by a T-Rex!

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