Daniel Radcliffe endorses Voldemort-Trump comparison

Radcliffe agrees with JK Rowling's tweet stating Trump is "nowhere near as bad" as Voldemort

Daniel Radcliffe shaves head for Imperium
Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe shaves his head for Imperium. Image Signature Entertainment

Daniel Radcliffe has said that he agrees with JK Rowling’s assessment that Donald Trump is “worse than Voldemort.”

The actor was commenting on a tweet from the Harry Potter author from last year in which she claimed the dark wizard was “nowhere near as bad” as Trump.

“I sort of think Donald Trump might not be as ideologically pure as Voldemort.

“My thinking on Trump is that he feels like more of an opportunist – I don’t know how much of this stuff he’s saying he actually really, really believes.”

Radcliffe is the latest in a long line of celebrities to publicly criticise the controversial American Presidential hopeful.

The Harry Potter star was speaking at the 02 Arena ahead of the premiere of his new film Imperium, in which Radcliffe plays an undercover FBI agent posing as a neo-Nazi.

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