Daniel Craig Is ‘Coming Back As James Bond’ – But We Wish He Wasn’t

loaded thinks its time for a change at MI6.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
007 Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall. Image Picture MGM/Sony

You may have seen the news that Daniel Craig is reportedly planning to come back as James Bond for one final film, which has pretty much split fans down the middle.

Some think it’s time for someone new to take over, while others would love to see Craig come back one final time.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, although ‘sources close to the actor’ said he’s up to for returning to the role. However, loaded has thought long and hard about it, and we believe that Craig coming back for one final movie would be a big mistake.

Now, before we start, we need to get one thing straight: We’re not hating on Craig at all here. In fact, he’s been a revelation as Bond since taking over the role from Pierce Brosnan.

The opening chase sequence of Casino Royale is, and probably always will be, our favourite 10 minutes in a Bond film ever.

He brought real grit and physicality to the role, and brought the flagging film series up to date in a post-Bourne world.

However, we think’s it’s time to shake – not stir – the series up with a new Bond.

Why? Well, first of all, people seem to forget that Craig has been talking himself out of the role for ages now. As soon as he finished the forgettable Spectre in 2015, he came out saying he’d rather ‘slash his wrists’ than play Bond again.

During that same candid interview with Time Out he also admitted that he’d only do another film “for the money” and said he ‘didn’t give a fuck’ who took over the role after him.

So, if Craig himself can’t get passionate about another Bond movie, why should fans be bothered?

Daniel Craig James Bond Spectre


There’s also Spectre, which was a big disappointment back in 2015. Coming off the back of the hugely successful Skyfall, the movie was a failure by contrast, and Craig’s performance had the resigned air of an actor coming to end of his tenure in the role.

Now, in 2017 – just like it was after the preposterous Die Another Day back in 2002 – the series is in need of fresh blood and a fresh start.

Now, who should take over is a different question altogether. Idris Elba has been spoken about as a possible successor for years now, but at the age of 44, it might be too late for Elba to step into the role if Craig did return for another movie.

If Elba were to have any hope of taking over, it would have to be pretty soon, and even if it was just for a movie or two, we’d much rather see someone new take over than have Craig phone it in for one last paycheck as 007.

There’s no doubt about it: Craig has done some great things in the role, but it’s time for a change at MI6. After all, Bond may have a license to kill, but if you stay much longer, Craig could end up killing the whole franchise.

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