This Dangerously Strong Beer Is Hitting Shelves In The UK

Just a couple of bottles could result in the mother of all hangovers

Snake Venom Beer from Brewmeister.
Snake Venom Beer From Brewmeister Image Brewmeister

Next time you head to the off license in search of something a little different, ask if they have any Snake Venom in stock.

You’ll either be granted with a confused look or they’ll know straight away that you’re talking about the latest tipple from the Keith Brewery in Scotland.

Keith Brewery’s Snake Venom is already the stuff of legend away from the UK, where it’s been sold for some time now.

Make no mistake; this is more than your average bottle of hipster IPA, with each 330 ml serving an eye-watering 67.5 per cent alcohol.

To put that into some kind of context, most spirits are around 40 per cent alcohol with absinthe pretty much the only one to exceed that, at a whopping 80 per cent proof.

It’s probably also worth remembering that absinthe makes you hallucinate too.

Don’t worry though; there are no reports of anyone seeing things that aren’t there while under the influence of Snake Venom.

Keith Brewery – Snake Venom from Tanami on Vimeo.

In any case, there’s little chance of anyone landing themselves in trouble drinking these bad boys, what with bottles selling at around £54.99 each and unlikely to feature in any two-for-one supermarket deals anytime soon.

It’s probably best you start saving up for one now.

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