Highly Dangerous Batch Of 100% Pure Cocaine Released In The UK

The drug is four times as powerful as standard street cocaine, enough to kill users.

Drugs The 'safest' recreational substance revealed

Drug squads all over the UK are on high alert after a highly dangerous batch of 100% pure cocaine was released in the UK.

The drugs circulating are estimated to be at least four times as potent as most street cocaine, which is strong enough to kill users.

Police officials have released a warning to drug users in Eastborne, where the batch is believed to have started circulating [via The Eastborne Herald].

The average cocaine bought and consumed in London is thought to be around 25% pure, and it diluted with things like sugar and various types of local anaesthetics.

It’s also been suggested that the strength of cocaine has gone up over recent years thanks to the emergence of online dealers working through the Dark Web.

No coke joke 50 kilos is a lot of cocaine to try and dispose of.

Taking drugs in any form is dangerous, particularly when the user does not know the purity of the drug,” Detective Inspector Neil Ralph said.

“We investigate all drug overdoses and drug-related deaths and look to identify who has supplied the drugs and seek a prosecution.”

“This can be difficult at times because it is often the case the only person who knows the source of the drug is deceased.”

The news comes after reports that the new £5 note is injuring drug users up and down the county.

Cocaine users, who use the notes to sniff the drug, are more at risk of infection than ever before, after the new polymer notes started cutting users.

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