Dancing FBI Agent Drops Gun Doing Backflip, Shoots Man In Leg

Like Gloria Estefan always warned: "the rhythm is gonna get you".

An FBI agent doing a backflip.

Have you ever been in one of those situations where your favourite jam comes on and you simply have to hit the dance, even if it means someone ends up getting shot?

This Denver-based FBI agent has and we’ve got the footage to prove it.

An overnight viral sensation for all the wrong reasons, this American law enforcement official has found himself the talk of Twitter after a dance move gone horribly wrong.

The story goes that the FBI agent in question was enjoying a drink or two in a bar when he decided to show off his dance moves.

In the video, the agent can be seen attempting a backflip in a packed bar, only for his gun to fall from his waistband.

The fact that he’s got his gun with him is pretty out there, to begin with, but things take a turn for the tragic/hilarious when the agent attempts to pick up the gun…by the trigger.

It goes off, of course, prompting panic in the crowd that had been watching the FBI man’s strange dance moves.

Not that he cares. In fact, he barely acknowledges the gun has gone off in the footage, picking up the firearm before offering up the meekest of apologies.

That’s despite the fact a man in the crowd actually ended up getting shot in the leg and taken to hospital.

He’s liked to make a full recovery. It’s thought that the agent has been questioned by police and received a bollocking from his FBI supervisor.

Still, that was one hell of a backflip.

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