Daisy Ridley: “I can’t wait to see my face on the side of a bus”

The Star Wars actress on fulfilling one of her lesser known ambitions.

daisy ridleyImage Picture Getty Images

She’s hard to miss these days, what with her face beaming out at you from every media outlet, billboard and cinema screen across the world, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress Daisy Ridley has yet to achieve one thing – see her face on the side of a bus.

“When I worked in a pub in London not two years ago, I used to go outside and see ads for movies on buses and think ‘I would love that’” Daisy revealed.

“I used to watch buses go past with posters on and I’d be like, oh that would be really cool!

“I said to John in LA, I can’t wait – I hope I’m on a bus. But I’ve not seen a bus yet.”

Ridley joined her co-stars including Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and fellow newcomer John Boyega for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens European press conference in London this week.

Action Queen Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and BB-8 in action in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Image Picture Disney/Lucasfilm

And veteran actress Carrie Fisher has admitted she had some advice for Daisy when she first met her.

“I told her not to go through the crew like wildfire, but I also told her not to take any advice from me,” Fisher told Graham Norton.

“When I was first in it, I never wanted anyone to have the anecdote, ‘I slept with Princess Leia.’”

She also shared that her mother, American actress Debbie Reynolds, gave her and her grandmother vibrators as a Christmas present one year.

“My grandmother said she would not use hers because she was afraid it might short-circuit her pacemaker.”

Ridley and Boyega also shared their own anecdotes from the set and talked about landing their roles as Rey and Finn respectively. 

Ridley revealed when she told her family she had landed the role her dad commented he “was always more of a (Star) Trek fan”.

Meanwhile, the movie has been receiving rave reviews worldwide since its release earlier this week, with reviews aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes having the film’s rating at 95 percent, which is an unprecedented level for a large-budget commercial release. 

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