Daisy Lowe: naughty but nice

Daisy Lowe becomes brand ambassador for Naughty But Rice. Covers herself in salted caramel.

Daisy Lowe Naughty but Rice salted caramel flavour Loaded
Daisy, Daisy Lowe can’t hide her love for salted caramel.

She may be Size 8, but Daisy Lowe loves desserts.

The self-professed foodie had her first cookery book published last year, Sweetness & Light.

Now the 26-year-old gadabout has gone one step further by combining her modelling career with that sweet tooth, becoming brand ambassador for new pud brand Naughty But Rice. 

The position has seen Lowe – who has featured on the runway for fashion powerhouses including Chanel, Henry Holland and Vivienne Westwood – pose in a series of shots entitled Bring Out The Naughty. 

Lowe said: “I’m delighted to be working with such an exciting, delicious new brand. I can’t wait for the fun ahead and to start working on ideas for my own limited edition pot to launch later next year!”

Daisy Lowe Naughty But Rice coconut and raspberry flavour Loaded
Lowe rider Daisy Lowe.

Seeing Lowe doused in caramel would make you think she would have no trouble finding a potential suitor, but she revealed in a recent Guardian interview: “I’m a very sensual being, and very tactile, but I have been single for a long time so I’m not as sexual as I’d like to be.”

As well as featuring in Vogue and Tatler, Lowe also posed for Playboy back in 2011. Reflecting on her nude shoots, Lowe explained: “I have done naked shoots, which means everyone thinks I’m a deviant, but I think the female form is something to be celebrated. The male form, too, but I don’t have one of those.”

As good as she looks dripping in dessert, Lowe admitted she doesn’t find it easy to be photographed naked. “I have to become a character to have the confidence to take my clothes off. If I was Daisy, I’d be an awkward nightmare.”

Daisy Lowe Naughty But Rice coconut and raspberry flavour Loaded
Mouth-watering Naughty But Rice puds are delicious hot or cold.

At size 8, Lowe has often incredibly been referred to as “curvy” in the fashion industry, and recently modelled for Reformation, the LA fashion brand aimed at women with bigger boobs. She explained to Marie Claire: “Beauty doesn’t have to be confined to one singular tiny frame and I’ve always really enjoyed standing up for women and representing different shapes within the industry.”

As well as writing her first book and continuing her modelling career, Lowe has begun her acting career, in deep sea thriller Pressure. She’s also set to star in period drama Tulip Fever next year.

Despite this schedule, Lowe surprisingly hasn’t built up much of a personal estate. She explained: “I’m terrible at holding on to money. Money is a way of being able to facilitate having a good time. I love travelling and I love nice clothes. Because I always buy flights, dinners and things for my friends – aside from my house and a nice wardrobe, I don’t have much to show for it.”

Daisy Lowe Naughty but Rice chocolate orange flavour Loaded
Juicy Lowe strikes her best chocolate orange pose.

Having dated Mark Ronson and Matt Smith, as well as being linked to Tinie Tempah and Theo Hutchcraft  of Hurts, Lowe has previously been known for her party lifestyle. However, she recently described to The Daily Mail how she’s now “good 80 per cent of the time, but bad for the other 20.”

Some of that 20 per cent was recently spent at a party held by Nick Grimshaw. Lowe said: “The party was a good night with lots of dancing. There were loads of us at Shoreditch House – Florence Welch played, Katy B sang and Annie Mac DJd. We were all so drunk that we jumped in the pool at the end.”

Sounds almost as decadent as her puddings.

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