Daenerys Targaryen Has A HUGE Role To Play In Game Of Thrones Season 7

Emilia Clarke's Mother of Dragons could be more important than ever before on the HBO show.

Game Of Thrones star Emilia ClarkeImage HBO

Have you ever been watching an episode of Game of Thrones and thought, ‘I wish there was more Daenerys Targaryen’ in this’?

The chances are, if you’re like loaded, you probably have, and who can blame you – after playing a huge role in the early seasons of the epic HBO show, Emilia Clarke’s character has been relatively quiet for years now. 

However, that might all be about to change after it was revealed that Daenerys Targaryen could be about to play a bigger role on the show than ever before. 


Producers D.B. Weiss, David Benioff and Bryan Cogman have spoken about the upcoming seventh season of the show, and might have dropped a very revealing hint about what’s to come.

Emilia Clarke in Geme Of Thrones
Emilia Clarke Geme Of Thrones Image HBO

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Benioff said: “For a long time we’ve been talking about ‘the wars to come’. Well, that war is pretty much here.

“So it’s really about trying to find a way to make the storytelling work without feeling like we’re rushing it – you still want to give characters their due, and pretty much all the characters that are now left are all important characters.”

However, the really important bit came when he said: “There are White Walkers and dragons and once they start to come together the story has to go where it goes.”

So, what can we learn from this? Well, we now know for a fact that Daenerys’s Dragons will be going to war with the White Walkers, something that hasn’t been confirmed before.

Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones Mother of Dragons Image HBO/Entertainment Weekly

It also suggests that Daenerys will be encountering Jon Snow as he attempts to fight back the army of the undead from beyond the wall, and backs up the theory that an alliance between the pair is happening too

It comes after HBO revealed a picture of Daenerys riding one of her terrifying-looking dragons and preparing for war via Entertainment Weekly – a sight that’s sure to excite all Game of Thrones fans ahead of the new season.

Fans don’t have long to wait now, with Game of Thrones season seven set to premiere on HBO on July 16.

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