Dad Furious After Finding Dangerous Item In Son’s McDonald’s Happy Meal

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A dad was left furious after discovering a dangerous item in his son’s McDonald’s Happy Meal recently. 

Mark and Natalie Wood said they were ‘horrified’ after finding a screw in their son’s burger during a visit to a McDonald’s in Falmouth, Cornwall earlier this week.

Their little boy, Miles, came dangerously close to biting into the household item, which was contained inside a Happy Meal.

Luckily, mum Natalie unwrapped the burger for him and spotted the screw on top of the bun, but things could have been very different.

Mark said: “Natalie opened it for Myles but sometimes they open it themselves.” [via The Sun]

“There it was on top. I couldn’t believe it. I rang them up straight away and they said they would give us a free meal but we were all put off by the food. My seven-year-old said he didn’t want to eat there again.”

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Natalie also spoke about the incident, saying: “I’m shocked and outraged to say the least. One of my sons could have bitten into it.”

“I immediately rang the store who said “we can change it, bring it back”. Unhappy with this, I called customer services and was apologised to greatly and they said it shall be investigated but we shall send you some vouchers”.

McDonald’s have since responded to the incident, saying: “Food quality and safety are of the utmost importance to us.

“We place great emphasis on quality control and follow rigorous standards in order to avoid any imperfections..”

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