Watch: Cruel Wedding Prank Backfires In The Worst Way

This did not end well...

Wedding prank
Wedding prank This didn't end well... Image YouTube/OUN LyLy

Who doesn’t love a good prank?

When they’re done properly – like the banana prank recently – they can be properly hilarious, but when done wrong, all kinds of bad stuff can happen…

That’s just what happened in China recently, after footage of a group of tricksters went viral after their wedding backfired in the worst way imaginable.

‘Why are they pulling a prank on someone’s wedding day?’ you might ask. Well, it’s actually tradition for friends of the bride or groom to pull off little tricks in China, but these guys took things WAY too far.

Watch the footage below:

Things got out of hand during a ceremony in the city of Zhaoqing, after a number of prankers ruined the big day by squirting a fire extinguisher at point blank range into a bridesmaid’s face.

In the bizarre footage, the poor bridesmaid struggles to breathe, and ends up covered in foam.

It was pretty obvious that the married couple weren’t in on the prank either, as both of them appeared furious with the jokers.

Further details of the trick have yet to be revealed, but it seems like an incredibly mean-spirited trick to pull on the happiest day of someone’s life.

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