Crocodile vs Shark Just Happened For Real And It Was Awesome

There was only one winner in this epic encounter.

Shark vs crocodile.
Crocodile vs Shark Who are you backing?

It’s a question that has dominated conversations in pubs for years: just who would win in a fight to the death between a crocodile and a shark.

Crocodiles may have the advantage given their scaly, seemingly impenetrable skin and large mouth full of razor-sharp teeth but the shark is nature’s answer to Conor McGregor – you just don’t know the kind of damage they are capable of when backed into a corner.

But after years of arguing back and forth, and a glut of monster movies featuring either or sometimes both animals, there may finally be an answer.

It comes after footage filmed in Australia, of a crocodile and a shark going toe-to-toe went viral.

Captured in the Prince Regent River in Kimberley, Western Australia, this clash of the titans came about after a moored-up fisherman discarded some fish scraps into the river.

It didn’t take long for a nearby salt water crocodile to take an interest, paddling over before calming waiting, mouth open, for a more substantial prey to arrive on the scene.

Soon enough a shark arrived on the scene, attempting to make off with the discarded fish.

What followed was a titanic struggle, with the shark trapped inside the Cros’s clamp-like jaws, desperately fighting for life.


In the end the shark lost, with the crocodile swimming off to enjoy his shark-based feast.

Of course, there will be plenty of shark fans out there that will claim the sea beast was essentially sucker punched by the crafty croc in this one-sided fight.

So while the crocodile won this round, something tells loaded this is one fight that’s far from over.

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