5 Cristiano Ronaldo quotes that prove he’s football’s worst loser

You won't believe what his nickname for Messi is.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action for Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo In action for Portugal Image Picture Creative Commons

Cristiano Ronaldo is at it again.

After Portugal’s limp display against Iceland in their opening match of Euro 2016, the forward kicked off about his opponents tactics, once again proving he’s one of football’s worst losers.

Ronaldo’s planet-sized ego and unbridled arrogance frequently come back to bite him on the arse. Every football fans wants to love Ronaldo, on the field he’s a master, but he makes it very difficult by regularly talking down teammates, the opposition and his rivals.

Here are five times Cristiano Ronaldo proved to be one of football’s worst losers…


On Iceland’s “lucky night” at the Euros

“I thought they’d won the Euros the way they celebrated at the end. It was unbelievable. We tried hard to win the game and Iceland didn’t try anything. This, in my opinion, shows a small mentality and they are not going to do anything in the competition. Portugal try to play football and try to win the game. Iceland didn’t try anything. They were just defend, defend, defend and playing on the counter-attack.”


On his teammates after a defeat to Atletico Madrid (he later backtracked)

“If we were all at my level, maybe we would be leaders. I don’t want to disrespect anyone, but when the best players aren’t available it’s harder to win. I like to play with Karim, with Bale, with Marcelo. I’m not saying the others like Lucas [Vazquez], Jese and [Mateo] Kovacic are not good players – they are very good players – but it’s not the same.”


On those questioning his talent

“I don’t doubt that I will go down in footballing history. Whether people like it or not, the numbers speak for themselves. I will be up there with the rest. Some like it more, some like it less, but I have no doubt that I’m already in the history of football. I always felt that I was a special player, ever since I was starting out at Sporting. I felt that sooner or later I would be a top-level professional. I never thought it would come so fast, but I was preparing myself because, like I said, the talent was there.”


On his Manchester United teammates

“Is it important have friends at the squad? You can say this. I won the Champions League with Manchester United and I didn’t talk with Scholes, Ferdinand and Giggs.”


His alleged nickname for Lionel Messi


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