Cristiano Ronaldo inspired pornographic film coming very soon

The Real Madrid man is the inspiration for new skin flick ‘Las Ronaldas’

Cristiano Ronald for Real Madrid.
Skin flicks and kicks Ronaldo won't be getting naked just yet though

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man that inspires adoration among football fans the world over but it would appear that his influence is extends beyond the world of soccer and into the steamy world of sex.

According to a report from Portuguese news source Correio da Manha, the Real Madrid man has served as the inspiration for a new pornographic film.

Entitled “Las Ronaldas” the movie is the latest release from production company Pornlowcost and comes with a stellar cast.

For example, Scarlett Johansson, wait no, that’s Scarlet JOHNSON is set to star alongside Sonia Kel and Diana.

Joined by male leads Alex Pinna and Frank Stone the film promises to be quite the spectacle and, at the very least, a more enjoyable experience than the recent Ronaldo documentary.

What lies beneath
What lies beneath

Carlos Ferreira, one of the great minds behind the new project, explained why Ronaldo was such a source of inspiration for the filmmakers – and it has nothing to do with the fact he likes to pose for pictures in his pants.

“Ronaldo is a player known around the world and this will help us to sell the film beyond our borders,” he said.

“Whether attacking or defending, the Portuguese porn actors and actresses are as good as any rival anywhere.”

Though 100% unofficial and without any endorsement from Ronaldo, himself, we reckon a fair few fans may tune into the finished film during the Euros, particularly if Portugal prove a disappointment on the pitch.

Now, let’s just all pray no granny porn producers decide to take inspiration from Wayne Rooney…

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