Cris Cyborg Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather And Reckons She Can Make Him Tap Out

The UFC star reckons she could easily make the boxing star tap out.

Cris Cyborg Justino UFC MMAImage Buda Mendes/Getty

Cris “Cyborg” Justino has called out Floyd Mayweather and reckons she would stand a pretty good chance of taking down the undefeated boxing star.

The UFC star challenged Mayweather to a fight just days ahead of her UFC 222 bout against Yana Kunitskaya, during an interview with TMZ.

“You know, I’m gonna try my grappling for him,” Cyborg said. “The first thing I would try is a double leg. I think fight Mayweather in boxing, it would be crazy. But MMA, I would probably take him down. I’m not going to challenge my boxing with his boxing.”

Cyborg didn’t leave it there either. She was then asked if she would make Mayweather tap out, with the UFC grappler offering up a pretty definitive response.

“I know [I would],” she said “but I’d need to slip my head a lot and have to be fast before I can catch him.”

Mayweather is currently enjoying a holiday in the Far East but has previously teased fans about a potential rematch with Connor McGregor.

The undefeated boxing legend enjoyed a comfortable victory over the Irishman in the ring but has recently been indicating that he might be open to another match – this time in the Octagon.

Claim victory over McGregor on his own patch, and the idea of a fight against Cris Cyborg could become an increasingly tempting prospect.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather

Cyborg is looking to go one better than Ronda Rousey, who previously sparred verbally with Mayweather after the latter claimed not to know who the UFC heroine was.

After picking up the ESPYs Best Fighter Award back in 2015, ahead of Mayweather, Rousey quipped”

That spat began when Mayweather claimed to not know who Rousey was. Rousey shot back at the ESPYs after beating Mayweather for the Best Fighter award.

“I can’t help but really say I wonder how Floyd feels to be beat by a woman for once…”


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