These 7 Creepy True Stories Shared Online Could Give You Nightmares

You won't find any ghosts and ghouls here - just a lot of very strange, very scare people.

Are you scared? If these stories don't give you the willies, nothing will.

Truth is not only stranger than fiction it can also be a lot scarier too, as some of the following creepy true stories shared online demonstrate.

Reddit is fast becoming the go-to place for anyone wishing to get something off their chest. Maybe it’s recalling a terrible one night stand or an unpleasant experience at a restaurant, but it’s fast becoming the internet’s very own confession booth of sorts.

The Subreddit Let’s Not Meet is a great example. It’s a place where users share “True Stories of Creepy Encounters” with their fellow Redditors and it rarely disappoints.

Whether it’s strange men with ulterior motives or even stranger men with even stranger motives, these stories are not only true – they may even scare you a little bit.


Did He Get A Ride Or Not?

I live smack in the middle of the the bar/arts district of my city, on the main drag. Last night around 9 I pulled up to a meter in front of my building to park for the night, and before I could turn my car off a man approached it. He looked lucid but worried and I couldn’t hear him after turning off my radio, so against my better judgement I cracked the window an inch.

The guy proceeded to ask me for a ride to a cross street about 10 minutes north of where we were, because he’d just been robbed at a popular bar/nightclub on the next block. I was really shocked and told him that the staff at the bar would be able to call the police for him. “They did!” At this point I should’ve driven off, but I told him that the cops would be able to help him. “He put a gun to my head!” was the response.

I told him I couldn’t give him a ride and circled the block (it was a good parking spot!) but he was still there pacing, so I then called my boyfriend to come downstairs and ride around with me while I found another spot. We circled again and saw no sign of the guy after about five minutes, so I was able to park and get inside safely. Car was fine this morning.

This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but it REALLY freaked me out because either: I almost got abducted and worse, or there is an armed man brazenly walking up and down a street I use all the time, robbing people. Stay safe out there!


Almost Kidnapped By A Creep

By GloomySkyy

I have no idea why I attract creeps. Sadly to say, this wasn’t even my first encounter with one. Not the attempted kidnapping part, though, that one was a first. It’s been a year since I’ve dealt with one, and very fortunately it was only an “attempt” at touching me before I successfully got away. I was 15 then, and I’m 16 now. Anyway, I was walking home from school last week, and unfortunately it was pouring rain, because of course, my mother had work that day. I usually walk home from school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So I’m rushing to get home but trying to run gently as I don’t want to trip, because that would be extremely mortifying.

Now, usually, there’s a creepy navy blue truck that sort of follows me home. I know, I should’ve done something about it now, but honestly I just thought that he gets off work the same time I get off school, and takes the same route home, since multiple others do the same thing. I only noticed this was different because he was going wayyy under the speed limit compared to other cars going in my direction. Of course I have no walking buddies since no one wants to walk home in the rain. Anyway, I’m almost home and so I figure ‘why not speed it up a bit?’ But the more I speed up, the faster this car pulls up, and so I decided it was best to act nonchalant and ignorant to it’s presence.

Then, my clumsy self falls on the pavement, scraping my knee. Guess what happens next? Truck pulls to the side and a man jumps out of the car with a bandage roll already in his hand.. well kind of unusual to keep it at hand with you in your car. He appeared to be wounded, I think. He had a sling around his arm but no cast, and his arm looked perfectly fine to me. His first words weren’t even “Hi, I saw you wounded and I thought I’d help” or Let alone even introduce himself. He simply rushed towards me and said “here darlin” and then proceeded to bandage my knee without even asking me if it was okay. When he was done he stood up and casually tried to start a conversation.

“Where you goin’? A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be walking home in weather like this.” He said. “I’m just walking home” I said. “Oh I know. I can give you a ride home so I know that you arrive safely without trippin’ again.” He chuckled. I just told him no thanks, and proceeded to walk away. “Come on just get in the car!” He shouted about 3 times in counting. I just politely smiled and told him it was literally around the corner, even though it wasn’t, it was still a block away. “You dropped somethin!” And I turned around, but he wasn’t holding anything. “I put it in my truck because I won’t allow you to get soaked in the rain. It’s dangerous.” So he got in his truck and pulled up towards me and told me to hop in. I saw in those crime shows, that you’re supposed to look in the car and see if you can find anything suspicious before getting in.

Well, folks, what is cable ties, wire rope, a tattered and dirty sheet, duct tape, and a pocket knife doing in his back seat? Well, bravest thing I’ve done is grab my jacket and tell him my mom is expecting me immediately and run around the block that wasn’t mine, find a route home from there, and try to make sure he wasn’t following me. Took me awhile to navigate myself home from the mazes that are the neighbourhoods.

Creepy Dude who tried to kidnap me, or whatever your intentions were, let’s not meet.


The Temp Postman

By doctorspooge

I don’t know if this meets the criteria for this sub and I’m not a very good story teller, just wanted to preface with that.

So many years ago when I turned 16 I moved half way day the UK all the way to a town called Redditch near Birmingham. I had met a girl online and being a stupid kid I decided I was in love and we got a small bedsit together but that is another story for another subreddit.

I signed on with an agency and got a temp position with Royal Mail and it was awesome. I enjoyed every part of that job but being a temp we always got paired up with other temps to ensure we would get the job done. I liked meeting new people and had a blast with most but there was one guy. Sometimes we would get given our own home to deliver to, being temps we obviously had a brew and breakfast half way brought the shift if this was the case.

So me and mackerel eyes get put on a route together and he just seemed off. He smelled bad like he didn’t wash and had these dead mackerel eyes and if you said something he didn’t understand he wouldnt ask you to repeat or anything, he would just look at you mouth agape mackerel eyes staring until you said something he did understand. We sorted our letters and parcels out ready to leave but before we did he mentioned that this is near his flat so we could grab a brew and have a quick break. Being young and stupid I just said ok not really considering the fact I’d be going into his home, alone for a period of time. I was just thinking a nice feet up and brew.

Dinner time came and as we got to his flat it dawned on me, but it was already too late. I was at the door so I just thought “what’s the worst he could do?” What an idiotic boob I was. Now I realise all the worse scenarios but hindsight is 20/20.

I entered what can only be described as a porn palace, and I use the term palace loosely, very loosely. There were VHS tapes on all the shelves of every kind of porn you could dream of. I didn’t see anything I would consider illegal, it was all store bought porn but it was still pretty weird. He may as well have not had a carpet because that too, was porn. Magazines everywhere. He goes and makes me a brew and I’m starting to think that maybe, just maybe I should have said no to this.

He walks back into his living room from his kitchen and he looked wild, I mean dead mackerel eyes staring mouth open and holding in his hand a samurai sword. He unsheathed his weapon (the sword I mean) and said “look, look, it’s genuine, feel how sharp that is” so I ran my finger over the blade and yup, sharp. And then he just stands there with it, looking over me while I’m sat, arsehole puckered like never before wondering about the many ways in which he planned to kill me. It’s might have been a minute he just stood there but it felt like forever. He then starts slashing at the air like a child who thinks he has cool moves. Making the swishing air noises with his mouth, crouching down, hopping onto his sofa and I’m just sat there, now I have the dead mackerel eyes with the gaping mouth.

“Pretty awesome yeah?”

“Yes, amazing”

After a minute or two of him slashing around he sheathes his sword and returns to finish the cups of tea and I swear when I looked into the cup there was more wildlife in it then the local pond. We sat for about 20 minutes in silence drinking our tea (broth might be more accurate) and then I just got up and said “off we go then”

And that was that. Really boring ending but I’m thankful it was. Looking back maybe he was just a lonely middle aged man with mental health issues and that breaks my heart. I never saw him again, we got outside and I suggested we split up. I assume we finished at different times because he was never seen by me again.

Regardless, Temp postman, let’s not meet again.


The Creepy Van

By PukeDizz

My girlfriend and I often go camping in the Scottish Highlands. It’s super chilled, people still hitchhike without fearing for their safety, locals will offer you a ride, everyone talks to everyone. We frequent a particular campsite in the middle of a beautiful mountain range that’s very safe and friendly.

We were there one April night, so the campsite was really quiet due to the fact it was about 4 degrees. We got set up and lit a campfire. We were fairly near the toilet block since the site was empty, so before long two guys walked past and said hello. On their way back, they stopped for a while longer. They said they were staying in a van, and did we want to join them for a drink inside since it was so cold out? My girlfriend, ever the social butterfly, said sure and started to get up. The guys were giving me serious creep vibes but I tend to err on the side of hating everyone so I figured I didn’t want to be a party pooper and went along to their van.

It was a large white transit van, and actually really nice inside. There was plenty of room for us all to sit inside but I kinda hovered in the doorway. The van belonged to the older guy of the two, maybe mid 40s, who seemed pretty genuine. He told us he lived in the van most of the time, but brought his friend from work to the highlands for the weekend because he’d never been before. His friend was a younger guy, maybe mid 20s, chatty to the point of being irritating because he was drunk. Before long the conversation turned to one that will be familiar to any woman in a same sex relationship. “Are you guys sisters?” “No, we’re together” “Well damn, do you not miss dick, can I watch, etc, etc, etc”. At this point we’d been there maybe half an hour and it was really pitch black outside so we decided to call it a night. It was all very pleasant when we left, although younger guy had got pretty quiet when we said we were leaving.

About 15 minutes after we got into our tiny pop up tent, we hear younger guy saying “Girls, let me in”. My girlfriend says “No, go away” in a very assertive voice (She’s from Glasgow and doesn’t mess around). We thought he’d gone until a few minutes later we hear someone fumbling around with the zip on our tent door. I was terrified and froze, but my girlfriend grabbed the zip, which was right above our heads, and stopped him from pulling it up any further. He whispered “We showed you a good time, now it’s time for you to show me a good time”. My girlfriend told him to F off and loudly shouted some extra insults at him incase anyone could hear, but I’m not sure there was anyone but us and the van men for miles. He kept fumbling around with the zip for another few minutes then went away. We were terrified for the rest of the night and my girlfriend kept her hand on the zip just incase.

We packed up and ran at first light. We’d left the car unlocked because it’s usually such a safe campsite and we’re always in and out the car for supplies. I’d brought an extra hoodie just incase and I put it on as we left. A few hours later I put my hand in the pocket and found a used condom. That creepy reprobate had used a condom on himself and tucked in into my pocket for me to find later. The thought of him sitting in our car filling that condom gives me the heave.

A few years later at the same campsite we bumped into the older guy. He smiled at us apologetically and walked away without any of us saying a word.


Dude With The Suitcase

By kenziixoxo

This happened in the Midwest U.S. when I was maybe ten years old.

It was late at night (2 or 3 AM) and I was under my covers reading when I heard a loud thumping from downstairs. This happened a couple of times. Then our doorbell rang. I was on the second floor of our house and I peeked out my window. There was a good view of our front entrance from above and I saw a man with a rolling suitcase at the door. He pounded on it again. I decided to go into my parents room (they’re both crazy heavy sleeps + loud snorers and didn’t hear the pounding) and wake up my dad. I told him what was up.

My dad picks up the gun from under his pillow and tells me to go to my room. I watch from my window and can still hear what’s going on. The conversation went a bit like this (g- guy, d- dad):

D: Stop knocking, you’re going to wake up my whole family! What do you want? G: pounds again Open the door! D: Why, what do you want? G: still pounding I need help, open the door! D: I’m not opening the door. G: pounding harser Please, I’m in danger, open the door now! D: I’m calling the police, if you really need help, stay there, because they’re on their way.

And the guy turns around and sprints off down our street with his suitcase. Not sure where he went or what his intentions were. I don’t think my dad ever actually called the police because when I woke up the next morning and went downstairs for breakfast, my dad was asleep in the entry way by the door. We’ve never talked about it since and I don’t have a clue what to make of it.

Dude with the suitcase- let’s not meet.


Two Unhappy Campers

By clockworkgirl21

Last summer my boyfriend and I went camping in some nature preserve in Pennsylvania. I can’t remember the name. It was pretty primitive camping. No cell service and we saw two other people there in the entire place. It was huge so it was pretty empty.

My boyfriend pretty much immediately said these two people seemed off to him right away. I don’t know if they had anything to do with what happened that night but I’ll describe them.

The first person was a woman who had her truck parked off the trail and the hood open. I don’t really notice these types of things but my boyfriend said it looked to him like she was waiting for someone to pull off beside her and offer to help with her truck. Normally my boyfriend is the type to at least offer to call someone but he said she skeeved him out enough he didn’t even want to draw her attention more than what’s necessary.

The next person we saw drove by several times while we were setting up. He just kept driving by slowly and looking at us. I didn’t even notice though until my bf pointed out that he’d already done that twice.

Whether these two people had anything sinister going on or not, the real story has to do with what woke us up at around 3 AM. It was incredibly loud and sudden. I couldn’t describe it or even compare it to anything but my boyfriend said it sounded to him similar to a chain gun revving up, or someone using some large tool to scrape gravel. My bf jumped up and looked out the little window of the tent. The sound happened again, again, and again and it was getting noticeably closer each time.

I was about to piss myself but my bf told me it was probably miles off. I didn’t question this because loud noises can be heard from miles off, right? Well, later my bf told me he told me that because he didn’t want to scare me. It really sounded like it was coming from right down the little dirt road. At one point he said he suspected it was right in front of our camp site. The only reason he didn’t tell me to get out and dart for the car was because he was afraid it could be someone trying to scare us out of the tent for some dreadful reason.

He whispered (I should have noticed he was whispering and knew something was wrong, since otherwise he’d just speak normally, right?) for me to just go back to sleep. However I could not because every little sound I heard outside sounded like someone sneaking up to the tent.

Eventually my bf told me to get out and help him pack up. It was maybe 20 minutes after the sound stopped. He held our only weapon, a machete in front of him. It was a full moon or close to it so we didn’t need a light. While we were packing quickly I noticed an empty beer can close to our dead campfire. It wasn’t there when we went to sleep at around 10 PM and neither of us even brought any beer.

Thankfully we got out of there and for the rest of that trip, we either camped in areas well populated by other campers or we got a hotel room.

So whoever or whatever that was…let’s never meet.


“Anyone Could Crawl Through”

by veryveryplain

This happened during my senior year of high school back in 2007. I was living at my parents house, who weren’t extremely well off so we didn’t have central heat and air. This happened not long before my graduation (so April or May) which meant some nights it was HOT outside so we regularly opened the windows to put a box fan in the window.

My room was a corner room so I had two windows, one facing the front of the house towards the street and one facing the side of the house. My bed ran parallel to the side window with maybe a foot of space between that wall and my bed. The window came to about the middle of my bed. Directly under the window was my outlet. It hadn’t been a very warm week so my box fan wasn’t in my window.

One night, I was sitting in my bed working on some report for school. About 30-45 mins into it, I see my laptop battery is low so I decide to plug it in. I grab the charger out of my bag and lean over to the outlet under the window. As I’m plugging it in, I glance up at the window and see a man staring down at me.

I had a brief heart attack and scrambled away from the window, never taking my eyes off him.

He’s just standing there, leaning over and looking straight at me. He looked angry. Like I had viciously attacked him on a very personal level.

This might be a good time to mention that I didn’t even have a screen on my window.

I can’t speak. I can’t move. I can’t scream for help. I don’t even know if anyone is home.

We stay like that for what feels like forever, but may have only been a few seconds. Just frozen, staring at each other. I want to get off my bed and head for the door but I’m afraid to turn my back to him.

Finally, he starts shaking his head and says, “Anyone could crawl through.”

I don’t know why, but the way he said “crawl through” just sent shivers down my spine. Maybe it was the fact that that was what he chose to say. I imagined him crawling through my window every night without me knowing and it just filled me with even more horror.

I threw myself off the bed and ran for my door and screamed for my brother and my dad while running down the hallway. They came out and I frantically told them what happened and they ran outside to check around the house but didn’t find anything.

I moved out not long after graduation, but I will never forget the way he said those words. Anyone could crawl through.


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