‘Creepy’ New Skittles Advert Faces Huge Backlash Online

We can't look away...

Not sure we want to taste the rainbow this way... Skittles Advert Image Skittles/ YouTube

Skittles are well known for their outlandish adverts, and they’ve provoked plenty of controversy in the past.

However, the company’s offering for American Mother’s Day takes things to a whole new level: It’s boundary-pushing and creepy as fuck.

In an ode to mother and son bonding, the ad starts with a guy and his mum on a couch digging into a pack of skittles. The mother eats a few and her son seated next to her guesses the flavour in what seems like an innocent game.

Soon though, we discover that the reason he correctly guesses the flavours she’s consuming is because they are still connected by an umbilical cord. Apparently, someone forgot to separate parent and offspring after the birth.

Even more creepy is their spoken exchange. “Oh mother, I love eating Skittles everytime you eat Skittles,” says the son, who’s wearing a crop top for some reason. 

“I Love you eating Skittles everytime I eat Skittles,” replies his adoring mum.


It’s a short clip, but one thing’s for sure: we will never look at a pack of skittles the same way again.

The ad has provoked a backlash online, with LOADS of Twitter users hitting out at the clip.

This isn’t the first time Skittles has urged us to “taste the rainbow” in the most fucked up way possible…

YouTube is littered with past Skittle campaigns that were banned for crossing the line. One such video sees a newly wedded coupled going at it on their wedding night, and the groom’s happy ending is colourful to say the least. See for yourself below.


Skittles, never change…

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