Crazy Ibiza Bus Brawl Captured On Film By Confused UK Tourists

Aren’t UK holidaymakers meant to be the rowdy ones?

Ibiza clubbing scene.
Ibiza clubbing Sure beats work, right?

A crazy fight involving two Spaniards and the driver of a party bus in the clubbing holiday hotspot of Ibiza, has been captured on camera.

The incident occurred at a bus station in the popular resort of San Antonio and started when a bus driver attempted to restrain a man standing close to his bus.

In the clip a couple gets the better of an enraged bus driver by tag-teaming him to devastating effect. While the male on the footage rains punches down on the poor man’s head, his female companion adds insult to injury with the mother of all wedgies.

Was she simply trying to pull the guy off her partner, or did she actually want to take his trousers down altogether in a bid to give her boyfriend a clear advantage?

The West Country-based cameraman, meanwhile, can only look on and provide commentary as chaos ensues.

“So we’re just casually watching a fight, two Spaniards, one is a bus driver,” he says.

“Really not sure what’s going on now.”

Onlookers try their best to calm the situation down but it doesn’t really do the trick, with the woman involved continuing to pile into the de-pantsed driver, while he lies stunned on the ground.

No one is quite clear on what started the argument, or whether the driver’s pants survived the carnage but it didn’t make for pretty viewing.

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