Crap 90s Football delivers a cold, hard reality check to sports fans

Football used to be terrible – here's the proof.

Jason Lee Nottingham Forest
The famed haircut Jason Lee in action for Nottingham Forest in 1995. Image Picture Getty

Football, it’s not as good as it used to be…

That might be the sentiment of drunken blokes down the pub, but is it really on the money?

Sure, back in the 90s the England national side weren’t completely useless at tournament football and there was genuine excitement in the game as the Premier League started to attract internationals like Dennis Bergkamp and Ruud Gullit.

There where, however, proper hoofers like Thomas Brolin, Jason Lee and notorious Southampton flop Ali Dia. Couple that with terrible pitches and a fair few teams still wedded to route one football and you have an era that wasn’t quite as glittering in hindsight.

Don’t believe us? Then you really need to take a look at the @Crap90sFootball Twitter feed, where you’ll find an impressive collection of sporting blunders.

Here are five of the best recent examples – watch them and weep…






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