Real-life Coyote Ugly bar is opening for business… in Wales

But you know, but you know that you, can't fight the moonlight...

Coyote Ugly cast
Coyotes The cast of 2000's cult classic. Image Picture Touchstone

Remember Coyote Ugly?

The 2000 Jerry Bruckheimer-produced flick about an aspiring singer might not be Citizen Kane, but in the years since it’s release the film’s managed to ascend to cult classic status.

We’re not 100% sure why, but it might have something to do with the many scantily clad waitresses – including Piper Perabo, Tyra Banks and Bridget Moynahan – dancing atop bar tables with wild abandon.

Anyway, soon Welsh Coyotes will be able to immerse themselves in the experience for real. Coming this September in Cardiff, the venue formerly known as the Square nightclub will be turned into a Coyote Ugly venue holding 900 people.

Based on the chain of popular American bars, the Cardiff venue will offer 40 booths, an American BBQ and 24 different types of craft beer.

Not only that, but there’ll be a huge TV for sporting events, a stage to house bands and a Bucking Bronco.

One man who’s clearly revelling in this is owner Steve Lewis, who’s had 600 girls apply to be Coyotes and will have to whittle it down to 50 employees ahead of the September launch.

“The girls will then come to an open audition where they’ll have to dance on the bar, serve drinks and show us that they can interact with customers,” 25-year-old Lewis told Wales Online.

Good luck, Steve!

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