From Dancing In The Dark to The Dirt: Courteney Cox’s sexiest screen moments

You can't start a fire without Courteney's spark.

Courteney Cox in Dirt
Friend no more Courteney Cox in Dirt. Image Picture FX

She might have made her name as Friends’ OCD-addled Monica, but Courteney Cox’s credits are packed with their fair share of scorching screen moments.

From being picked out of the crowd by Bruce Springsteen to a clinch with a former co-star, Cox has been a sex symbol for decades. Here’s a look back at the very best of Monica Geller.


Ace Ventura

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Jim Carrey’s oddball pet detective Ace Ventura had the time of his life with Cox’s Melissa Robinson. Miraculously, the watching animals didn’t kill the mood.


Masters Of The Universe

A big budget fantasy flop in the late 80s, this Dolph Lundgren vehicle won’t go down as a cinematic classic. It is, however, one of the first times movie fans were exposed to Courteney Cox. Watch her give it the hard sell on Letterman above.


3000 Miles To Graceland

Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner played a pair of ex-cons robbing robbing an Elvis convention in Vegas in this forgotten film from 2001. Headboards are banging in the opening moments, though, courtesy of Cox and her co-star.


Cougar Town

A post-Friends TV hit for Courteney, the show centred on her divorcee Jules Cobb as she tried to get her dating life into gear. Naturally this cheeky series had some heat – and it even had cameos from Friends trio Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston. 


Dancing In The Dark

Bruce Springsteen pulled Courteney out of the crowd in his classics music video to Dancing In The Dark. This was before she was famous, so we’re supposed to buy into the whole ‘she’s just a fan’ thing. Even with that dodgy 80s hair she’s still a dream. Bruce is a man of taste. 



This very good (if short-lived) US series, Dirt saw Courteney play the editor of a trashy tabloid mag. Jennifer Aniston cameoed as a rival editor and former lover of Cox’s character. The pair shared a lesbian kiss, so now you have a reason to track down the box set.

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