Couples Who Do This Have Five Times More Sex Than Average

The secret to a great love life could be simpler than you thought...


Thousands of couples across the UK try all kinds of weird and wonderful things to boost their sex lives, but the answer could be simpler than you’d think.

It’s estimated that the average couple in the UK has sex two times over a ten-day period.

So what’s the easiest thing couples can do to improve things in the bedroom? The answer is simple – book a holiday to an exotic location together.

According to a survey by, 60% of people in relationships believe their sex lives improve drastically on holiday.

Rather than the average two times, it’s estimated that the average couple will have sex up to nine times during a ten-day break away together.

2,319 people took part in the study, which overwhelmingly showed that a holiday can drastically improve couples’ sex lives.

Sex on the beach
Sex on the beach What's the most popular spot for outdoor sex?

But why is this the case? Well, the vast majority of couples believed that time away together makes them “more in touch with each other”.

Alcohol is a pretty significant chapter too, with plenty of the people involved in the study saying: “We drink a lot more alcohol on holiday than we do at home and it gets us in more of a romantic mood.”

So, if you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, you know what to do – get booking a romantic break away for two.

It comes after 2,000 people were quizzed about their holiday sex habits, and they revealed the most desirable locations to have sex.

51% said the bed was their preferred place to get intimate, more the adventurous opted for the hot tub (8.2%), the beach (7.8%) and the shower (6.5%).

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