Couples Meet Butt Naked On Crazy Radio Show

Some hit it off, others not so much...

Brave souls.... Image YouTube/ KIIS 1065

The Aussie’s have put their own spin on the UK’s Naked Attraction, and it’s awkward as hell.

The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Aussie radio just pushed the boundaries of entertainment by making prospective couple Danielle and Richie strip naked in front of each other, only minutes after meeting for the first time. 

In a segment called ‘Naked Dating’ willing contestants take off each other’s bathrobes and pants in full view of the studio, then decide whether they want to go out on a date after the event.

Upon seeing what Richie had to offer, Danielle exclaimed ‘Oh Hot Damn!.” While Richie admired the flower tattoo on Danielle’s nether region. Safe to say, they hit it off.

When asked about what happened after the show, the couple claimed they took it to the next level…

The pair are one of many to take part on the show, though not all have been as successful as Danielle and Richie.

One poor chap was actually  rejected by the lady he was paired up with, while he was starkers no less. After looking at his penis, she proceeded to claim he was likely a ‘grower and not a shower.’ While he stated, he’d seen bigger boobs than hers before.

Naked Dissing might be an idea for another segment next time…

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