Couple escape jail for cinema sex during Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman: Porn of Justice this most definitely was not

Batman vs Superman cast featuring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Amy Adams
Batman v Superman The film led some cinema-goers to take drastic action

Ben Affleck may have been disappointed by the reaction to his recent outing as the Caped Crusader in Batman vs Super: Dawn of Justice but the good news is that someone did enjoy his DC Comics effort – even if it was for altogether different reasons.

In this instance, the pairing of Liam Thornborough and Anne Abberley may have taken things too far though after being arrested for having sex in a Manchester screening of the film.

The couple were spotted canoodling at a screening of the movie at the Manchester Printworks back on May 19.

Cameras had been installed to combat piracy of the movie but security staff got more than they bargained for when watching the footage.

More unbelievably still, the six people sat directly behind the pair did not spot any of the Batman-based bonking, evidently transfixed by Zack Snyder’s Superman magnus opus.

Well, that or they welcomed the arrival of a worthy distraction from the abject goings on played out on the screen.

Either way, things soon got heated when staff attempted to uncouple to pair, with Thornborough reportedly guilty of “flicking out” at a worker.

“This is disgraceful, what’s been going on here. This is a public place”


The 47-year-old then reportedly became verbally aggressive, before they were escorted out with the story quickly becoming the stuff of social media legend.

Now, after pleading their case – most notably that they had no fixed abode to spend time together in and no one was in the cinema when they first entered (oh er!) – the pair have escaped prison with a 12-month conditional discharge.

Now that is the kind of justice Batman has been battling for, all these years.

Chair of the bench Philip Kershaw said:

“This is disgraceful, what’s been going on here. This is a public place. Fortunately – very fortunately – there weren’t that many people in the cinema and people didn’t see what was going on.”

They probably can’t wait for the Justice League movie to come out now.

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