Could This Flushable Cat Toilet Mean The End Of Litter Trays Forever?

It comes with infra-red sensors and a mobile app - but it's not cheap.

Look how happy he looks...

At some point in your life, whether you like it or not, you are probably going to find yourself cleaning up someone else’s poo.

It might be your own child’s. It may even end up being one of your mates. Or, worse still, your other half’s – people get ill, after all. . More often than not, however, it will end up being a pets.

Dogs are the worst, with any walk across publicly used land likely to require you bring along a plastic bag for the express purpose of picking up their steaming hot turds.

Cats are a little different, in that they tend to use litter trays, but it’s still a chastening experience to empty once of these piss and shit filled plastic containers and one you probably shouldn’t attempt when nursing a hangover.

The Catolet.
The Catolet Look how happy he is! Image Catolet

Thankfully, someone out there thinks that exact same thing and has decided to do something about it.

The result if the wonderfully named Catolet, an automatic smart litter box that acts more like a human lavatory. Except this one is for cats. And some small dogs.

It’s a fully flushable waste disposal system that works by being connected to your home’s water supply and sewage system. The system is simple enough: the cat sits in the box, does their business and it’s passed through a fancy conveyor belt and into the great beyond.

The key features of the Catolet.
The key features. of the Catolet. Image Catolet.

Laser sensors determine whether the cat has concluded its efforts before the poo is passed on to a fancy part of the machine that shreds the waste and sends it off to the sewer. The belt is then cleaned and returns to its default position, ready for us again.

There’s even an app that lets you customize the experience and receive alerts when you pet poops. You know, for those people who spend their days thinking about cat faeces.

“There are many automatic trays on the market, but they have a number of problems: some of them require a filler, they are large in size, and usually of high cost,” Tatyana Bayramova, creator of the Catolet, explained to Digital Trends.

The catolet

“Together with cat breeders, we decided to create a tray without those pitfalls. Our target market are cats and small dogs owners who like technology devices and gadgets. We want to offer them a modern device that will help them in their pet caring routine.”

The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter but anyone hoping to get their hands on one of these cat loos should be warned – they don’t come cheap.

Due to be shipped in April, this flushable cat toilet can be pre-ordered now for a starting price of $159. Cats are, of course, sold separately.

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