This Controversial Star Nearly Took Peter Kay’s Part In Phoenix Nights

Things were nearly VERY different on the hit sitcom...

Phoenix Nights
Phoenix Nights Who nearly played Brian Potter?

Peter Kay’s hit comedy Phoenix Nights helped make him a star back in the early 00s, but things nearly worked out very differently on the show.

Kay played multiple characters on the Channel 4 program, including club owner Brian Potter. However, Kay has now revealed he wanted to cast the controversial comedian Bernard Manning while writing the show.

The casting would have really changed the tone of the show, but Manning fell ill before he had a chance to get involved, and so Kay ended up playing the role himself.

Speaking about Manning, who was known for telling racist and sexist jokes, Kay said: “Bernard Manning is controversial but he had incredible timing.”


He told BBC Radio Manchester: “I wrote the character of Brian Potter in Phoenix Nights for him to play but unfortunately he was too poorly to do it.

“I thought it would have been perfect casting but it didn’t happen.”

Manning died in 2007, and fans never got the chance to see him in the role. However, Phoenix Nights went on to be a huge success with Kay in the lead part, and helped to take his career to the next level.

Watch a clip from the hit comedy below:

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