Controversial ‘Dwarf boxing’ Bar Slammed By Little People Campaigners

The owners of The Ringside Bar have got a lot of explaining to do.

A little person boxing match.

A popular Philippines car where travellers can pay to referee mini-boxing matches between little people has, perhaps understandably, come in for strong criticism.

The Ringside Bar on the Burges Strip in Manilla is a hugely popular drinking spot with travellers from all over the world visiting the region.

Every night from 8pm until around 4am, dozens of little people stage fights, with revellers paying for the privilege to oversee the bouts and ensure nothing underhand goes on.

These travellers have also been known to pay the fighters tips or even buy their drinks as part of the deal that sees them don a striped shirt and officiate the match of their choosing.

Not everyone is all that impressed though, with Metro reporting that representatives from the Little People Association of the Philippines have hit out at the practice as “insulting” and were especially critical of the bar’s insistence on using the word “midget”.

Maria Glorian Tomen from the group, said: “Aside from fighting for our rights and welfare and the equal opportunity, part of it is to abolish the use of the M Word.”


Fighters receive around 250 Philippine Piso (£3.50) a night not including tips. That’s enough to make the task of convincing little people to turn their back on the premise that bit harder.

Perry Berry Senior, the President of the Little People Association of the Philippines, said:

“As an organisation, we do not approve of such establishments. These places employ people like us to do comedy for them, but during the skit, our people get hurt physically. ‘However, we cannot do anything about it because it gives them jobs.”

Something tells us this won’t be the last time The Ringside Bar ends up courting controversy – they also stage “midget dancing” and “lady boxing”.

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