Conservative politicians keep trying to praise the England team but it’s not going well

World Cup fever has struck in the worst possible way.

Boris Johnson attempting to play football.
Boris Johnson attempting to play football. Image Getty

With England on a high after reaching a first World Cup semi-final in 28 years, politicians have wasted little time in attempting to get on the ‘footy’ bandwagon.

Unfortunately, it’s not gone particularly well for the Conservative Party, who have seemed eager to get in on the act despite appearing to know bugger all about the beautiful game.

This was most evident on BBC Question Time, where Tory MP Claire Perry made the mother of all blunders while attempting to draw a comparison between Theresa May and the England manager Gareth Southgate.

Not only was it a terrible, cringeworthy comparison of the highest order but Perry also managed to pull off the cardinal sin of referring to the England team as the “British Lions”.

Though she evidently got the “British Lions” mixed up with the “Three Lions” it was a blunder made all the more painful for the fact that:

  1. The British Lions are a rugby team e.g. posh sports.
  2. Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish football fans might not be too happy about being banded together with the English.

It’s only the latest in a string of football-related blunders involving major politicians.

There was the moment serial sh*thouse and Brexit blunderer extraordinaire Boris Johnson decided to rain on everyone’s parade by tweeting after the win over Sweden:

It didn’t go down well, as the replies suggest.

Boris wasn’t done there though, returning to social media to offer a hearty well done to the team after they lost to Croatia.

He was keen to stress how “proud” he was of the team. The feeling is definitely not mutual.

Gary Lineker summed it up best:

Still, there was one tweet far worse than anything Boris or any of the other Tory blunderers managed – step forward David Cameron.

Not only did Cameron put the wheels in motion for Brexit, but he also managed to confuse Aston Villa and West Ham, having previously claimed to have supported the former and then the latter.

This was worse though, with DC telling the players “It wasn’t to be this time, but you played like lions and made us all so proud.”

Coming from someone who was never much of a lion himself and never made us proud, that’s faint praise indeed.

To be clear: there’s no issue with politicians liking football, just politicians pretending to like football.

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