Conservative MP’s Campaign Video Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

If this doesn't make you want to vote, nothing will...

Conservative campaign video from Sir Greg Knight
Sir Greg Knight The hilarious campaign video Image YouTube/Matthew Thomas

A Conservative MP’s unintendedly hilarious campaign video has gone viral after backfiring spectacularly.

Just days before the election on Thursday, June 8, Tory candidate for East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight has released the most bizarre promotional footage we’ve ever seen.

Looking and sounding not unlike Alan Partridge or a sketch from Chris Morris’s The Day Today, Sir Greg delivers a stilted address to camera, warning viewers against voting for “a coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn”.

“When you vote in an election you’re doing two things. You’re choosing who is your local representative, but you’re also choosing a prime minister. I hope you’ll vote for me and support Theresa May,” he says.

So far, so what, right? But the real strangeness begins when he finishes his speech and a frankly ridiculous soundtrack kicks in.



A song – written specifically for the video – begins, before the camera zooms shakily onto a close up of a campaign sign.

“You’ll get accountability with Conservative delivery. Make sure this time you get it right. Vote for Greg Knight!” the lyrics read.

Everything about the video is baffling – why the weird speech at the start? What’s with the naff soundtrack? What’s going on with his arms? And why does the whole thing look like it was recorded on a flip-phone from the mid-90s?

Well, Sir Greg is a keen musician, which explains the song. Amazingly, he drums in the UK’s only parliamentary rock band MP4 with fellow MPs Kevin Brennan, Peter Wishart and Ian Cawsey.

It’s so bad it’s almost endearing, but despite the unexplainable video, Sir Greg is expected to keep his seat in East Yorkshire, which he’s held since 2001.

One thing’s true at least – if this doesn’t make you want to vote on Thursday, nothing will…

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