The Irishman wants to take the fight to Russia - but there are a few potential snags.


Conor McGregor Plotting Incredible Rocky IV Inspired UFC Comeback

By Jack Beresford

May 01, 2018

Conor McGregor is already dreaming of starring in his very own real-life version of Rocky IV with a UFC bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia.

Nurmagomedov, you may remember, was the target of McGregor’s ire during the infamous bus attack at the UFC 223 media day. The attack left several UFC fighters injured while the Irishman is now facing criminal charges for his part in the debacle.

But despite facing an uncertain future in the sport, it would appear that McGregor is already plotting his next bout: A Cold War-style showdown with Nurmagomedov. That’s according to McGregor’s striking coach Owen Roddy, who revealed as much to The BBC MMA Show.

“Conor’s a mad thing,” he said “Conor turned around to me just after the Mayweather fight and said, ‘There’s talk of me fighting Khabib. I might do it in Russia.’

“Then he says to me, ‘We’ll do it like Rocky. We’ll go to Siberia and we’ll train in the snow.

“‘I’ll get one of those yokes to put on my shoulders to get the lats’. I was crying with laughter.”

But despite the jovial nature of McGregor’s suggestions, Roddy was keen to stress that the Irishman definitely means business with the scheme.

“He was serious. Dead serious. Conor does mad things” he added.

“That’s what we love him for. There’s not many people who would do that. It would be an exciting fight.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I would like to see it.”

A Rocky IV style bout – preferably on Christmas Day as it was in the film – would certainly make for an impressive comeback. It would ideally need to take place in a factory-style setting like the one Zangief fights in, in Street Fighter.

Unfortunately, there’s a pretty major obstacle to these plans: Dana White.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, White poured cold water on the idea of McGreggr returning any time soon.

“He’s gotta be punished by the law first,” White said. “Let’s see what happens in New York.” He also seemingly squashed any idea of the pair’s next fight taking place in Russia.

“If you do a fight that big, you’ve got to do it in Vegas,” White said. “Khabib will fight in Russia at some point, but it won’t be that fight.”

The comments do suggest McGregor will be welcomed back to UFC though, albeit after facing sanctions from both the New York Police and UFC themselves.

And while any initial fight with Nurmagomedov is unlikely to take place in Russia, we wouldn’t rule out those plans just yet.