Conor McGregor May Have Just Made A Very Stupid Bet

The UFC legend’s fight purse could be on the line against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor.Image Getty

Conor McGregor is a confident guy but his confidence may have got the better of him ahead of his long-awaited fight with Floyd Mayweather JR.

It follows an agreement, made between the pair during the Toronto-leg of their pre-fight promotion tour, that appeared to suggest there could be more than just reputations on the line when the two meet in August.

While McGregor has dominated much of the pre-fight talk, Mayweather landed something of a killer blow when he publicly called on the Irishman to bet his paycheque on the outcome of the fight.

After listening to much of McGregor’s bluster over the past few days, the multi-millionaire Mayweather was evidently keen to see how confident McGregor really is.

The Irishman has, after all, previously spoken of his belief in being able to see off the 49-time undefeated boxer in just four rounds.

This comes despite various experts, including Manny Pacquaio and Michael Buffer, predicting a relatively straightforward victory for the American.

McGregor, however, keen not to lose face in front of his rival, agreed to the bet.

At first, everyone thought it was merely talk between the pair, but new footage has revealed Mayweather and McGregor genuinely discussing the bet.

McGregor could live to regret that. Completely untested in the more disciplined realm of boxing, he’s going up against a fighter who is used to seeing off trash-talking opponents and appeared largely unfazed in much of the pre-fight build-up.

Mayweather is as intelligent and disciplined a boxer as they come and, while it’s unlikely to be Rocky Balboa stuff, he could prove too much for McGregor over 12 rounds.

The Irishman may have just made a very silly bet indeed.

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