Conor McGregor fan rips Eddie Alvarez to shreds at UFC 205 press conference

The lightweight title fight is going to be brutal.

Conor McGregor Eddie Alvarez UFC 205 press conference
Showdown Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez at the UFC 205 press conference. Image Getty/Michael Reaves

UFC 205’s main event has been confirmed, and it’ll see Conor McGregor face off against Eddie Alvarez this November.

Naturally, The Notorious was amped up for the announcement press conference and vowed to knock out Alvarez within the first round of their lightweight title fight.

McGregor’s mind games started when he had a dig at Alvarez for accepting the fight on the same contract – $150,000 – he had when he beat Rafael dos Anjos.

For comparison, Nate Diaz earned $2 million from his last fight with McGregor, while the Irishman claims to have netted $25 million in total from his UFC 202 victory.

McGregor said: “He got it done by signing his last contract. He didn’t even negotiate new money for himself. Imagine that. Look at everybody up here. They’re all dressed like me. They’re all trying to talk like me. They’re all trying to be me.

“Everyone in the game wants this fight. This is the lottery fight. And this man took it on his last contract.”

“Everyone in the game wants this fight. This is the lottery fight. And this man took it on his last contract.

“Imagine that. Imagine getting the biggest fight in the game and [the UFC] saying, ‘Shut your mouth, kid, you’ll get paid what you did on your last fight and you’re lucky you’re getting that.”

Alvarez hit back, saying McGregor lacked the stamina to go the distance in a long fight.

“This guy’s got eight minutes of fight in him and that’s it,” Alvarez said. “He quits after eight minutes every fight. He’s not a championship fighter. He’s never been. And he’s never ever fought anyone in the UFC like me. Ever.

“He spent $300,000 on his last camp and gassed out eight minutes in.”

Watch the UFC 205 press conference in full:

As the press conference would up, things took a turn for the bizarre when a McGregor fan posing as a journalist ripped into Alvarez.

“You’ve been mentioning that Conor McGregor is not a championship fighter, he only has two to three rounds,” he yelled out. “Yet in your professional career you’ve only been to the fifth round twice and you’ve lost one of them. What the f**k are you talking about motherf**ker.”

He went on screaming over and over again: “That’s the champ! That’s the champ! That’s the f**king champ right there.”

UFC 205 will take place at New York’s Madison Square Garden on November 12.

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