Video: Conor McGregor Caught On Camera Using Homophobic Slur

Fans have already taken to Twitter to criticise the Irishman’s behaviour.

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Serious questions are being asked of Conor McGregor following another ugly incident in which the Irishman was caught on camera using homophobic slurs.

McGregor made the comments backstage at a UFC event in Gdansk, Poland. The Irishman was there to support teammate Artem Lobov in his fight against Andre Fili.

Lobov ended up losing the bout to Fili by unanimous decision and was consoled by McGregor backstage in the aftermath of the loss.

It was here that McGregor was filmed using the word “faggot” several times during his chat with Lobov. Footage of the fighter using the slur was originally shared by both BT Sport and UFC but was subsequently deleted.

By then several outraged fans had already captured the footage for themselves and subsequently shared the video on social media.

BT Sport and UFC could yet face questions over their decision to erase the footage but for now the focus is on McGregor.

Several fans have already spoken out against the Irishman’s actions on Twitter:

Yet the alarming reality is that this is by no means an isolated incident. McGregor has been guilty of using offensive language on several occasions throughout his career.

Prior to his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, McGregor responded to accusations of racism by stating he was “black from the belly button down” – a reference to a crude stereotype attributed to black men.

He also previously tweeted that Mexican-American fighter Nate Diaz was a “fajita” and warned Brazilian UFC star Jose Aldo he would “raid his favela on horseback”.

Conor McGregor

In another controversial tweet, meanwhile, McGregor labelled Russian born German fighter Dennis Silver a “Nazi”.

McGregor is undoubtedly the biggest name in UFC today but serious questions must surely be asked of his conduct. Do the powers that be really want a man capable of this kind of behaviour as their poster boy for all things MMA?

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