11 Of The Most Confusing Lyrics From Katy Perry’s New Album Witness

Katy Perry's new album has received mixed reviews from the critics.

katy perry
Is this her worst album yet? Image Katy Perry/ Instagram

Katy Perry’s new album Witness is being called a “spectacular failure” by numerous reviewers across the media gamut.

Some blame her need to prove herself artistically as the cause while others believe her confusing lyrics might be adding to the problem.

Spin magazine described Perry’s writing style as “lovably immature and even idiosyncratic,” which we can’t help but agree with. Songs like “Teenage Dream” and “I Kissed A Girl” all contain within them lovably immature yet incredibly witty lyrics that have come to define Perry in the pop universe.

With regards to Witness, though there are shades of the Katy we know and love, her style has experienced too whacky a shift for our liking.

loaded has collected some of the most insane lyrics from her 15-song album, judge for yourself.





“Roll eyes at highs, cheers in the lows, and stay in the flow, woah.”

katy perry
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This line from the album’s opening song seems like a lot to ask of one person’s emotions. 



Hey, Hey, Hey

“Karate chopping the clichés and norms all in a dress.”

katy perry

What does that EVEN MEAN?



“Texting me a little bubble of trouble. I’ve tried to ignore these thoughts that rumble.”

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This is less insane and more terribly written and cheesy. 



Swish Swish

“A tiger, don’t lose no sleep. Don’t need opinions from a shellfish or a sheep. Don’t you come for me”

katy perry

While we get the whole diss track idea, this line in particular is extremely confusing, what does a shellfish have to do with anything? 


Déjà Vu

“So tell me something new. Figure out the Rubik’s Cube.”

katy perry

How do these things even go together? 



“I am my mother’s daughter and there are so many things I love about her but I have, I have to break the cycle, so I can sit first at the dinner table.”

katy perry

This appears to refer to some kind of mother/daughter battle involving seating arrangements. What. 



Mind Maze

“Am I a car on fire? Will I be devoured?”

Katy Perry
Katy Perry The popstar gets ready to Rise. Image Picture Capitol

Both scenarios sound separately terrible but they make no sense together. 




“So baby, come and take a swim with me. Make me ripple ’til I’m wavy.”

Katy Perry
Image Getty Images

We can tell this is an ocean metaphor but it’s might confusing. 



Bigger Than Me

“If I’m not evolving, I’m just another robot taking up oxygen.”

katy perry

First of all, robots don’t breathe. 


Save As Draft

“But what good will it do to reopen the wound? So I take a deep breath and I save as draft.”

katy perry

Never in the history of good songs is it okay to reference an email function. 



Into Me You See

“I was a ship floating aimlessly. So camouflage was my own worst enemy.”

katy perry



There are many more and collectively they all beg the question, what have you been smoking Katy?

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