A Conan the Barbarian TV Series Is On The Way And It’s Going To Be Epic

The series is being made by Amazon and no expense will be spared on the project.

Conan The Barbarian the movie

Amazon is developing a brand new Conan the Barbarian series and has recruited some pretty major TV writing heavyweights to put the show together.

There had previously been talk of another Conan movie featuring original star Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic roles – but those plans hid the skids a few months back.

Deadline are now reporting that Amazon are planning a series focused around the barbarian warrior and they have hired some pretty big guns to make it happen.

With Game of Thrones coming to an end in 2019, TV production companies and streaming services alike are scrabbling around in an attempt to find the next series to fill the void likely left by the fantasy action series.

Amazon has already unveiled plans for a Lord of the Rings series focused on events between the Hobbit and the original trilogy.

That may only be the tip of the iceberg, however, with the shopping giant now looking to revamp Conan for a modern audience.

Ryan Condal, who co-created the popular series Colony, is involved alongside Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik and The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo executive producer Warren Littlefield.

Condal is writing the new version of Conan, which will return to the character’s literary origins from the books by Robert E. Howard and the character’s bloody origins story.

In the books, Conan is driven out of his tribal homelands and forced to wander a mysterious and often treacherous world in search of a home – and often with bloody consequences.

There’s no word yet on casting though it’s safe to say neither Schwarzenegger or Jason Momoa will be reprising the role of Conan.

Momoa fronted Marcus Nispel’s 2011 reboot which also starred Stephen Lang and Rose McGowan. The film was a box office bomb and earned rank reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Fingers crossed the Conan TV series doesn’t go the same way.

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