New Conan The Barbarian Game Lets You Choose The Size Your Character’s Penis

We don’t remember this bit in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie…

Conan The Barbarian the movie

Awkward questions are being asked of the development team behind the new Conan the Barbarian video game Conan Exiles, after fans discovered a unique option that allows players to customised the size of their chosen character’s dick.  

The latest game in the Conan series, due to be released on Steam, is an open world survival game that pits players in a hostile world of little to no resources. Or clothes for that matter.

They must then battle their way to find things like food, weapons and, hopefully at some point, a pair of trousers. 

A gritty, realistic looking game that’s already generating plenty of positive buzz, the only slight problem with Conan Exiles appears to be the penis customization function.

Mind you, it’s not just penises that come under scrutiny – users can also customize breast size, should they so wish.

Maybe everyone at loaded is making a bigger deal of this than we need to, but someone needs to ask questions of those behind the game and whose bright idea it was to create a dick customization option

Also, given his association with the original movies, you also have to wonder whether Arnold Schwarzenegger knows about all this knob-based tom-foolery. Somehow we doubt it.

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