Commodore 64 is making a comeback: Five games it needs to include

It’s not worth it without Jet Set Willy.

Commodore 64 The 64
Bringing back a classic The 64 will be available in desktop and handheld versions. Image Picture The 64/Indiegogo

The Commodore 64 is poised to make a triumphant comeback thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign to revive the classic console.

The 64, which is seeking support through Indiegogo, needs $150,000 to go back into full production. The console will come with a joystick and connect to desktop, laptops and other devices through USB and HDMI ports.

Not only that, but there’s also a handheld version of The 64 in the works to let gaming fans play on the go.

The web is filled with free games online, and The 64 will support play with compatible titles.

“There are thousands of games you can legally download off the internet to load onto your The 64, so you will never run out of games,” the makers said. “Not only that, but there is a thriving new indie game scene with some absolutely stunning games being released all the time.”

But what of Commodore 64 classics? The team behind The 64 said they are “speaking to a wide range of rights holders”, but there are certain classic titles that absolutely have to make an appearance.

First up, International Soccer is a must for football fans and a title that was a precursor to the slick offerings from FIFA and Pro Evolution.

For button-bashing sporting insanity Daley Thompson’s Decathlon will give you a shot at Olympics glory.

Forget about Gran Turismo, Turbo Outrun will let you jump into a sleek red Ferrari F40 and journey across the US from New York to Los Angeles.

I, Ball will offer up some conventional scrolling shoot ‘em up action, while Jet Set Willy is needs to be revived in all its 8-bit platform glory.

Special mention also needs to go to flight simulator Kennedy Approach. The 1985 release saw players take the role of an air traffic controller and was the first game to feature synthesised speech. Not bad on sub-64 kilobytes of RAM.

Backers for The 64 have a month to hit the funding target. If successful, the console will ship to backers in late 2016 with the handheld’s estimated shipping date being April 2017.

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