Some Comic Strips That Highlight Depression Perfectly

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In its simplest form, depression is a very low mood, void of energy, motivation and affect.

It’s also metaphoric as hell and has inspired many artists to variably express the low feeling or lack thereof. Here, Loaded looks at some incredible comic strips that shine a light on what is a rough time for people from so many different walks of life. 

Hyperbole and A Half

Hilarious, honest and full of character. This blog/comic has an out-of-the-ordinary way of explaining life.



This webcomic combines the two words, “optimism” and “pessimism.” The artist Kristian Nygård hails from Norway and succintly captures the twisted reality of living on the dark side. 



Bearly Functioning 

This is like a warm shot of whisky. Bearly functioning is a Tumblr blog by artist Holly Hindle who uses her massive, furry alter ego to vent about the ups and downs of existence. 




Three Word Phrase

This Tumblr blog by Ryan Pequin is as funny as it is meaningful. 


Oda Iselin 

Oda Iselin is a Norwegian artist whose blog is full of eerie,striking imagery. 


The Awkward Yeti

Just funny. This wildly successful webcomic by artist Nick Seluk is a cheery way of looking at our inner workings. 


Also for anyone struggling to cope, here are a few helpful websites:

Mind UK

Mental Health Foundation

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