Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer, According To Science

Your Starbucks addiction could be saving your life.

A coffee from Starbucks.
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Could you get through the day without a cup of coffee?

Millions of latte lovers rely on the stuff to pick them up in the morning, and for some, it’s an essential part of getting through the day.

Now, you might think the caffeine could be negative for your health, but a new study has been conducted which suggests that the exact opposite is the case.

New findings show that coffee can actually slow down certain stages of aging, and help you to live longer, Uproxx reported.

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A new study published in the Nature Medicine journal suggests that coffee can even reduce risk of cancer and heart disease in later life.

Over 100 people had their blood samples analysed as part of a test at Stanford University, which found a clear link between high levels of caffeine consumption and high levels of inflammation; the trigger of many diseases linked with older age.

Speaking to Time, the author of the study David Furman said: “The more caffeine people consumed, the more protected they were against a chronic state of inflammation.”

So there you have it – your daily coffee addiction could saving your life. Time for another cappuccino…

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