CIA Report Details Alien Attack That Saw 23 Men ‘Turned To Stone’

The report was uncovered by a Ukrainian newspaper and is astonishing to say the least.

A group of troops in Siberia.
Young troops in Siberia Several military bases are located in Siberia. Image Getty

A shocking account of an alleged encounter with a group of aliens that left 23 Russian soldiers dead has emerged online and it’s pretty nutty, to say the least.

Ukrainian news source Ternopil Vechirniy is reporting that the CIA have testimony from two men who survived the supposed UFO attack, with their accounts first obtained from an interview conducted by the Soviet Union crime agency in 1991.

The file, which comes from the CIA’s online library, details a pretty astonishing scenario from an unspecified time in the not-too-distant past.

According to the documents obtained, the strange happenings all started during a routine training exercise at a Russian military complex located in Siberia.

UFOs An artist's impression

During their routine drills, the soldiers present began to be perturbed by a mysterious object flying low and close to the facility.

In the blink of an eye things began to take a turn for the bizarre with one of the soldiers present deciding to shoot the unidentified object out of the sky. Because why not?

The object came crashing to the ground before five humanoid looking alien types emerged from the wreckage. The eyewitnesses described the aliens as having “large heads and large black eyes” by here’s where things get really weird.

According to the two witnesses, the five aliens then merged together to form a giant orb that began to emit a series of buzzing and hissing sounds. 

Vladimir Putin The Russian leader does not approve. Image MIKHAIL KLIMENTIEV/AFP/Getty Images

The orb grew bigger and bigger before exploding into a bright shining light.

“At that very instant, 23 soldiers who had watched the phenomenon turned into… stone poles,” the report revealed.

“Only two soldiers who stood in the shade and were less exposed to the luminous explosion survived.”

The revelations come after the CIA released a wealth of classified documents that details a host of potential alien encounters, including one rather convincing story about a mysterious object that touched down close to the border of Slovenia.

It sounds like aliens, or some very elaborate military technology, exist.

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