Chuck Palahniuk Explains Thinking Behind New Colouring Book Venture

The Fight Club author has some good news: there are no rules of Colouring Club.

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Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club and Choke, has opened up about his decision to move into the world of adult colouring books.

Bait: Off-Colour Stories for You to Colour from Dark Horse Books is a colouring book with a few important differences.

For starters, it’s album-size and bound in leather, with Palahniuk keen to create a colouring book more durable than your standard “stay within the lines” effort.

Then there is the content itself – a collection of short stories written by Palahniuk and that suitably dark and outrageous, as is the norm with Palahniuk.

Palahniuk has been increasingly experimenting with different reading mediums of late – he was the brains behind a recent comic book follow-up to Fight Club – and there’s something distinctly familiar about his foray into the world of colouring – in that it’s mental.

“So many gifts are purchased things,” he tells the New York Post.

“Ideally, I thought, people would buy this book, colour the pictures and then give it to their friends or children.”

Bait from Chuck Palahniuk.
Bait From Chuck Palahniuk Image Amazon

With many of the images enclosed inside being far from suitable for younger eyes, however, it’s debatable as to whether it should be given to children or whether Palahniuk ever intended it to be for that matter.

“I like the idea of subverting colouring with very adult themes and images,” he said later adding that “There are no rules of Coloring Club.”

Currently available on Amazon, the book has already garnered praise from fans on the shopping website with two five-star ratings attached to the tome already.

Not that Palahniuk will care all that much, having told the New York Post of his evident apathy towards the art of colouring in.

“I have mindless, artistic pursuits, but colouring is not one of them,” he explained. “I was into colouring until maybe fifth grade.”

Palahniuk’s last book came back in 2015, with Make Something Up – a collection of short stories that proved divisive with fans and critics alike.

Bait: Off-Colour Stories for You to Colour could follow suit.

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