Christmas with the stars

Tom Jones, Kylie, The Libertines, New Order, Matt Berry and Jack Garratt share their Christmas plans.

Kylie has just released a Christmas album
In your mince pies Kylie, happy to get a bit of kip and watch Love Actually for Christmas.

What do you get the star who’s got everything? Do the celebs like to spend Christmas on a private island? And what do the bands buy each other?

Find out as we asked some of the biggest names what they get up to at Christmas…

Tom Jones: “I like to be quite quiet at Christmas, and spend it at home with my wife. It’s one of the few guaranteed times I can relax, and I don’t really do much – I watch the same TV shows as anyone. I don’t really need for much when it comes to presents. Some of my favourite beer, Brains, will do me. Will I listen to any of the Christmas songs I’ve recorded over the years? No! I’m proud of most of them, but give me a good carol any day.”

Brandon Flowers, The Killers: “I’ll be at home in Las Vegas with my wife and our three children. Christmas is all about my sons these days, really. If I get them the right presents, that’s my Christmas made – daddy doesn’t need anything else. Christmas in Vegas is wonderful, but what most people don’t realise is how cold it gets. People think ‘Oh, it must be so hot in the desert’, but no. You need to wrap up just as warm out there as you do in a British winter.”

Kylie: “I’ll have a couple of weeks off, which is the perfect gift for me. I’ll re-watch Love Actually for the thousandth time, and if my beau gets me breakfast in bed, I’ll be a very happy woman.”

Christmas with The Libertines
Up the wrapping Three members of The Libertines are rubbish at presents.

Gary Powell, The Libertines: “I’m going to be DJing, cooking for my family and buying the rest of the band presents that are a lot nicer than what I’ll get in return. They never buy me anything, they’re all too selfish. I bought Carl a £400 banjo once, and what I got back was nowhere near £400. I’ve bought Pete a projector this year.”

Matt Berry: “We’re a close family, and the young people make it magical. We spend as much time together as we can before anyone goes their separate ways. I think I’m a good present buyer, but I’m a nightmare to buy for. It gets on everyone’s tits, because I don’t want anything. I’ve got stuff. I sound like an idiot saying ‘Don’t get me anything’, but it’s true. The best present I had as a kid was an organ. Amazing – and now I make albums, very useful too.”

Tom Chapman, New Order: “We don’t really buy each other anything in the band. There’s no secret Santa in New Order, I’m afraid. The best thing we can get this year is some time off. Touring has been fantastic, but it’ll be nice to have a couple of weeks off so that we can get refreshed and come back all guns blazing next year.”

Jack Garratt: “I’m sticking baubles in my beard and chilling out by the fire. Since I started doing well, people in the music industry have started giving me stuff, and that makes me a nightmare to buy for. I just used to want clothes and guitar strings, and now I get them free. My dad made me the most amazing presents when I was a kid. He’s incredibly practical and built me loads of cool toys. But it skipped a generation, and I’m completely impractical. Thanks, dad!”

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