Carve Your Christmas Turkey In Style With This Amazing Water Jet Hack

Put the carving knife away, and bust out the jet.

Christmas Turkey hack
Christmas Turkey hack Carving knifes are a thing of the past Image YouTube/Waterjet Channel

Carving the Turkey at Christmas is just about the manliest thing you can ever do, but sometimes festive traditions need a bit of an update, right?

Sure, you can use a boring old carving knife to dish up the roast this year, but why not try something completely new?

The guys at the Waterjet Channel have come up with an ingenious new way of carving using a high-pressure water spray. The jet cuts through the bird, and leaves it surprisingly well sliced.

Check it out below:

Sure, it’s a bit messy, and it leaves your meal looking a little soggy, but it’s definitely more fun than using a knife.

In fact, it could save you time too. After using the jet, you no longer need to slave away making a gravy, as the water combines with the Turkey juice on its own. Delicious…

Fancy doing this yourself? The industrial waterjet used in the video costs a hundred thousand dollars, so probably better to stick to the carving knife for now. Still, this looks way cooler.

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